Sunday, 11 September 2011

Industry experience at "Westcott- design"

For fashion students, work experience is one of the most important things. In order to grow and develop, learn new skills and build contacts. For 6 months we did work placement at "Westcott designs" ( specialises in digital and screen print, hand and Cad CAM embroidery. We have acquired a lot of new skills such as time management, how to work in a team and independently. Our main duties were assisting the designers with every day run of the studio, helping research new trends, making mood and colour boards, creating designs by hand and digital print.
It was a wonderful experience, and taught us so much, we would advice any fashion student or a person who is interested in fashion and textiles to go and do work placements, not only will it look good on your CV but it will show you what a creative environment is about. 

You can find work placements in variety of ways, by contacting studios independently or searching online. A few good sites we have used in the past are

 Scraps from the samples... All the samples were very vibrant and beautifully patterned!

 Our workspace where we spent most of the 6 months at!

 We got the opportunity to create some of our own samples to be sold at premire vision. We were given the breif, printing with lace to make a patchwork design. In total we made 10 samples, this is just one of them.

 The designers at Westcott were extremely friendly and welcoming. Whenever someone had a birthday they would all club together to create an extravagant lunch. Each person would bring something to add to the table.

Working at Westcott really opened our eyes to the textile industry and we ended up leaving with some brilliant contacts and friends for life...... :)

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