Saturday, 24 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend - Day 2 and 3

 So two more days has gone at the most exciting fashion event in London, and here are some more of our carefully hand picked pictures from the Vintage London Fashion Weekend for you, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them :) Please comment and let us know your favorites, Love, P&C :) x

Foxy lady
Leopard print wedged boots!
So simple yet beautiful!
love the shape of those shoes!
A Liverpudlian charity shop vintage find, what a show stopper! its fully embroidered too!!
Fay, Fashion photography and promotion student wearing a beautiful vintage blazer
What a stunning caftan, its traditional Afghan menswear costume!
And here is hand embroidered detail!
We LOVE this jacket
Check out the sleeve detail
And the back!
A beautiful embroidered blouse from "beyond vintage"
How fun are those outfit matching lips?! and we love the brown vintage bag too!

Happily in love with vintage <3
The Founder, Stefanie Braun :)
Wow looking very funky!
that fringed skirt is amazing! 
Beautiful flower patterns topped off with a simple fur shawl
Loving the hat!
A collector and seller of beautiful vintage knitwear (
paper eyelashes, aren't they kool!
lovely legs ;)
The perfect pair of trousers to lengthen your legs
Look at those tights! They are amazing! 
Fur collars are back in fashion!
Great combination of patterns!
Beautiful in pastels with hot metallic heels


  1. So so exciting! Great pictures and witty comments. 'Foxy lady' is my personal favourite, beautiful woman in a stunning outfit.

  2. wowow! this looks amazing! are you ladies having a great time? i personally love the embroidered blouse but i'd wear any of these outfits!
    thank you for my comment - i'll happily send you a business card :)

  3. Thank you for your comments :) and yes we are having a wonderful time! would love to get your card Emily!
    Love P&C x

  4. Oh wow I love those leopard print shoes! Amazing!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

  5. i love the afghan top, it is amazing, i need to find something like that in the charity shops. :) i wish i got to go to LFW this year.

    Katherine x

  6. woww I love those leopard print shoes! =)

  7. like it!!love this leopard print shoes!
    kisses and have a nice day!=)

  8. Great pics! Amazing outfits!


  9. Wow! Great pictures!


    PS Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your lovely comment and I hope you'll stop by again soon :)

  10. wow! this post have a lot of own styles!
    I'm in love with the leopard wedges and with the idea of matching lipsticks with clothes! That blue one was amazing!
    I like your blog i hope you can visit mine and we could follow each other :)
    have a great sunday!



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