Monday, 19 September 2011

London Fashion Week is here!!

London Fashion week has officially started and Vintage BY HEMINGWAY are curating THE FIRST EVER VINTAGE SECTION at Vodaphone London Fashion Weekend (22- 25 SEPTEMBER) Featuring very best vintage clothing and accessories carefully edited by hand selected deleares such as: Blackdot World Archive, Victory Vintage and Fraubraun.

At the event we will be working at the luxury online vintage boutique with an unusual photostudio concept "Fraubran", we will bring you all the juicy gossip, the best dressed list and everything else you would want to know BUT it would be lovely to see you there, so please come and join us at the most exciting event of the year :)
To get your juices flowing please check out our coverage of Southbank Vintage Festival! x

Stefanie Braun the founder of the online luxury boutique "Fraubaraun"
Mother and daughter taking self portraits at Fraubraun studio
OOH so Pretty in light PINK
Beautiful people.

"Lets get physical"

Effortless beauty. 

elegance ....

shoe <3

art deco
Happy people

we love hats

The original Frau Braun

'ello movie star


  1. Totally inspirational! love them. Cool blog. Rach x

  2. love the pictures,it's amazing how beautiful dresses change postures and make them look so elegant.
    hope to see the pictures from the coming event.

  3. people look so natural and relaxed, without posing, just cool. Without doubt, dresses are created to make us feel and look BEAUTIFUL.
    PS have come across your blog by chance and loved it

  4. Love your pictures! My personal favourites are effortless beauty and elegance, just classics! many pictures have a lot of charachter and deserve to be commented on separately.
    xxx Inna

  5. please could you give directions?is it somerset house?would like to see it all myself

  6. wow! those dresses look gorgeous :) you have a lovely blog, maybe we could follow each other if you like <3 hope you're having a great day!

    love, M

  7. thank you very much for your comments, we really appreciate them :)
    Chris, yes it is, and M thank you, glad u like our blog we will follow you, please follow us back, Love P&C x

  8. love these pictures, everyone looks gorgeous!

  9. Brilliant pictures. loved every single one!

  10. check out those pe guys, aren't they cool?


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